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June - Rockland County

" When no other attorney would even review my case, Scott stepped up. When other attorneys told me to 'forget about it, it's too late, why did you wait so long, how do you know the doc made a mistake...No other surgeon is going to go against that doc, not worth it' Blah blah blah, & they showed no compassion...Scott stepped up. He was very patient, empathetic, understanding & fought the fight. Just when I was ready to throw in the towel & just deal with the terrible hand, that I had been dealt... Scott stepped up... and responded quickly...& before I knew it, I had a very good case...Scott never once, looked down on me. He treated me as an equal (unlike others) and worked diligently. With the way this world is going, it's refreshing to find someone, whom I didn't know from Adam, who treated me as a person...not someone beneath him...and after all the stupid questions I asked him...he still maintained his kindness. At the end of the day, we're all here to right the wrong...& win....Thanks to Scott Gennarelli....We Won! His name will ALWAYS be the first name, that rolls off of my tongue, if anyone needs legal counsel. Thank you again Scott, for coming to my rescue. "

Laura- Nassau County

One day, my life changed while I was driving on the expressway and I was hit by an unlicensed driver at a high rate of speed. Immediately I felt pain and after the shock wore off I was lucky enough to find a lawyer named Mr. Gennarelli (Scott). He held my hand from the beginning and really guided me through a scary experience. Scott is more than a lawyer, he truly cares about me as a person and not just another case. He is someone I could always speak to when I had a question and his staff is very kind and always sent whatever paperwork needed to be submitted immediately to the insurance companies. Scott was able to settle my case extremely quickly and for the maximum amount (which is practically unheard of in auto accident cases I have heard of in the past). Scott really treated me like a friend and explained all of the processes to me and really fought for me. He went above and beyond and I cannot thank him enough for changing my life. He was always honest and reliable and made me feel like I was his top priority even though he is very busy fighting for others just like me. Scott and his office took care of EVERYTHING for me and I am forever grateful to him for guiding me through a very stressful experience. I have already passed his name along to friends and family and to anyone that needs a personal injury attorney, Mr. Gennarelli is the best choice!

Gina - Staten Island

" I made the best decision of my life to fire my original attorney and hire Scott. The man is a diamond. He is so easy to speak to, does not speak in circles and confuse you like most lawyers. He is very calm, I strive to be as calm as he is. He gives brilliant advice. He is very trustworthy and honest. I highly recommend Mr. Gennarelli to everyone I know that needs a lawyer. "

Victoria - Brooklyn, NY

" I worked with Mr Gennarelli over personal injury case. Was very lucky to find him...after a bad experience with my former attorney. He is very professional and knowledgeable, always quickly replied my emails and returned my phone calls, helped me positively resolve my case even after I moved to a different state. Would highly recommend him!"

Success Stories

$13 Million Settlement


For a construction worker who fell 40 feet and was rendered paraplegic due to the failure of the owner of the jobsite and its general contractor to provide proper safety devices that would have prevented the fall and the devastating injuries.

$4.806 Million Verdict


For a delivery driver who was assaulted and fell into the path of a NYC Transit Authority bus.  The driver of the bus and his employer were found to be 100% responsible for the victims injuries including the loss of a leg.

$3.5 Million Settlement


In a case against the driver and owner of a gasoline tanker in Westchester County.  The truck veered to the left in an attempt to avoid striking an overpass and struck a car  while traveling at an excessive speed.  The tanker then rolled over and exploded causing severe burns.